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Introducing Textures - Make boards on PlayBook even more elegant and realistic

We're excited to introduce Textures on PlayBook. Textures are custom, beautifully-crafted backgrounds that PlayBook users can add to make their boards look even more realistic. PlayBook supports 8 different textures, and we're going to keep adding new ones to this list.

Here are the textures that we've added to PlayBook:

Light Wood

Light Wood Texture on PlayBook

Dark Wood

Dark Wood Texture on PlayBook

Light Grass

Light Grass Texture on PlayBook

Dark Grass

Dark Grass Texture on PlayBook


Sand Texture on PlayBook


Clay Texture on PlayBook


Water Texture on PlayBook


Ice Texture on PlayBook

How to customize Textures on PlayBook

There are two ways to customize Textures on the PlayBook app:

1. On the board screen, tap on Team Logo.

Customize Textures in Board on PlayBook

2. In Settings, tap on Board Texture.

Customize Textures in Settings on PlayBook

We're excited for our users to try out Textures and enhance the look of their coaching boards. For any questions, please email us at


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