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Effective Basketball Plays by Coach Allen

Whether you're a player looking to improve or a coach seeking effective basketball tactics, join us in this blog as we share Coach Allen's collection of winning plays and tactics. Discover how he tailors plays to his team, adapts to changing game dynamics, and consistently outplays the competition. Get ready to enhance your understanding of basketball plays and gain insights to step up your game.

All videos included in this blog are from Coach Allen's YouTube channel - Basketball Coach Allen. Check it out here:

1. Basketball Inbounds Play Secret

2. Best Full Court Press Defences For Kids

3. Advanced 5 Out Basketball Plays For Youth

4. Simple Box Inbounds Basketball Plays

5. Zone Basketball Offense For Kids

6. Basketball Plays For Centers

7. Basketball Plays For 10 Year Olds

8. How To Beat a 2-3 Zone Defense With No Plays

9. What Is a 4 Out 1 In Basketball Offense

10. Amazing 5 Out Motion Basketball Plays

We are confident that this collection of basketball plays and tactics by Coach Allen will elevate your game to new heights. If you're a seasoned coach eager to share your game-changing plays, reach out to us at, and your strategies could take center stage in our upcoming blog posts.


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