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Make Plays Like a PRO.

Strategize games effectively and take your team to the next level.


Ready. Set. PlayBook.

PlayBook allows you to make professional plays in minutes. With an intuitive interface, PlayBook makes strategizing sports easier than ever.

Create your team on PlayBook tactic board app.

Create Your Team

Make player tags and categorize your players as offensive and defensive with different colors for each.

Customize Your PlayBook

Add your custom team colors and logo. Make your plays exclusive to your team with your own branding and style.

Add your branding on PlayBook tactic board app.
Draw different lines on PlayBook tactic board app.

Draw Different Lines

Easily draw different types of lines like pass, move, dribble and more.

Save Your Plays

Save and organize your favorite plays in folders and access them quickly with a single tap.

Save plays with PlayBook tactic board app.

Over 20 Sports Supported

All sports supported on the PlayBook tactic board app.


Available on iPhone & iPad

Hear From Our Users

PlayBook is loved by 5500+ coaches, players, teams, and sports enthusiasts.

Here's what some of them have to say.


Loving the PlayBook app - have been using it to make huddles more efficient and it has been a game-changer, literally! Totally recommend for sports coaches.

Jamie Quarles
Assistant Coach
Arkansas State University


Gone are the days of magnet and dry erase boards. The best app for drawing plays, no matter the sport! 

Adam Bauman
Director of Scouting and Analytics
University of Alabama


Great app for coaches to draw up plays and push their teams to victory!

Angad Minhas, Sports Enthusiast


Coaches can quickly design great plays with PlayBook.




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